Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us


By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen


  1. What do you think of when you repeatedly notice three fives appear almost everywhere you go? Perhaps they are winning lottery numbers to be played? Maybe it’s the time of day that promises a significant event? For many, 555 is a very important warning and perhaps the most life altering message that angels can provide.

It is widely believed that our spirit guides and overseeing angels dwell on another plane of existence. Therefore, outside of the dream state, communication to us can be a challenge. During our sleep, angels will pull from our own experience and personal lexicon to convey messages that may contain direction, vital information that will assist us with future decisions and even warnings of upcoming events that can include unpleasant occurrences on the horizon.

Human beings have always been consumed by the number 3. In religion, it represents the holy trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. We consider three to be lucky and have worn, quite thin, the old adage that “the third time’s a charm”. In literature, a genie rubbed from a lamp will grant you three wishes. With regard to movies, a sequel is no longer sufficient time to convey the continuing story and is often not considered concluded until a trilogy has been filmed.

The most common occurrences of three numbers considered messages from our guardian angels are seen on license plates, hotel doors, phone numbers, purchase receipts, advertising and most certainly, clocks.

111 through 555 as times on a clock occur twice daily. Some skeptics will argue that we simply happened to look at our watch or wall clock during those times. They may be half right. While we may not consciously understand why we looked for the current time at that precise moment, it is quite in the realm of believability that we were gently nudged to direct our attention to the displayed time in hopes of recognizing an important message.

So, what do these repeating numbers actually mean?

The repeated appearance of 111 is helpful on two fronts. One, it warns of a pessimistic and negative outlook resulting in an overall bad attitude. This is often a personality trait that others do not enjoy experiencing outside of themselves and can create isolation and a loss of social friendship. Two, we create our reality through our emotion. What we project outward comes back to us. We often hear people complain that bad things always happen to them and they always expect the worst. Their life circumstances provide the expected negativity and the cycle continues. In short, seeing 111 is an urging to choose a positive outlook and favor optimism over pessimism.

When the numbers 222 flash themselves to you in various places, smile, because life is going as planned. Simply put, you are being told that you are on the right path and heading in the right direction with regard to your spiritual plan. Rejoice, for you have obviously made decisions that align with your overall goals. Even if you are currently experiencing some heartache or stress, 222 tells you that you will emerge exactly where you need to be. Consider your current state a temporary rough patch and watch for the sun breaking out from behind the storm clouds.

If the number 3 carries strength then how powerful is the display of 333? Would you consider being surrounded by angels and ascended masters a powerful experience? Me, too.

The numbers 333 confirms the loving presence of our spirit guides and guardian angels. They are surrounding you with love and light. Thus, ensuring you that they have indeed heard your prayers and pleas for assistance. While they cannot interfere with your free will, they are standing beside you and behind you in support of your endeavors and offering strength and guidance during your struggles.

The numbers 444 can appear to you during times of important decision-making and related confusion. Seeing 444 is the angel’s reminder to listen to intuition and follow your instincts to ensure you proceed down your desired path. They are asking you to align your energy and your vibration with their frequency and maintain the connection to receive their guidance and support. They ask that you mediate, pray and open yourself to their presence to receive their offerings.

Finally, if you see the numbers 555 repeatedly appear throughout your day, there is one good piece of advice you should heed: buckle up and hold on. The observation of 555 translates to an angelic message that major changes are on their way. I asked my friend, Grant, to describe his recent experience with the repeated sightings of the three numbers and his subsequent life changes.

“For about three months, I saw 555 everywhere.” Grant explained. “I woke up at 5:55am several times a week. While on a trip, my hotel assigned me room number 555. Small purchases often totaled $5.55. After a while, I didn’t question that it meant something; I just didn’t know what it could mean.”

Confused, Grant’s life seemed to continue as normal until May 5th, 2015 when he was laid off from his job of over fifteen years. He lost his position, company car, health insurance and soon after, his best friend. Making the connection of the date of May 5th, 2015 as 5-5-15 that contained three fives, he searched the internet for the number’s meaning.

“When I read that seeing 555 was the angel’s message to prepare for major upcoming changes, I felt a tingle go through my body. The truth in it resonated with me.” He sighed and arched an eyebrow. “I just wish I had found that out before the ground fell out from beneath me.”

Grant had not considered that the numbers he was repeatedly seeing held spiritual meaning. Today, he is very much open to their presence.

“They were looking out for me and trying to help me prepare for a major shift in the direction of my life. I missed that call but now, I’m all ears, rather, eyes.”

After hearing Grant’s story, I promised myself that when I noticed a repeated sequence of numbers that I would stop and take note. Maybe before I played them in a lottery, I’d gamble on an angelic message instead.

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