christmas 2002 (2)
2001-Sobek and Nanook
christmas 2001 (2)
2002-Sobek and Nanook and an uninspired attempt at holiday cheer
christmas 2003 (2)
2003-Sobek and Nanook. They LOVED shredding the wrapping paper.
christmas 2004 (2)
2004-Sobek and Nanook. The caption was “Pooltide Greetings”.
christmas 2005 (2)
2005-Sobek, Nanook and Gideon. Love this picture. Gideon behaved even in such close proximity to Nanook and lots of treats.
christmas 2006 (2)
2006-The Boys on a bed. It wasn’t our best work.
christmas 2007 (2)
2007-The Boys. We splurged for a backdrop…kind of.
christmas 2008 (2)
2008-The Boys. The Brady Bunch theme was Dewey’s idea.
christmas 2009 (2)
2009-The Boys. The caption for this card was “Hope your season is better than the Buc’s”. It was another disappointing season…
christmas 2011 (2)
2010-The Boys. The caption was “Enjoy every holiday” Some people didn’t get this one. I thought it was clever.
christmas 2010 - bek (2)
2011-Sobek. Each dog had their own collectible picture.
christmas 2010 - gids (2)
2011-Gids- This is so perfect.
christmas 2010 - nook (2)
2011-Nanook. An impromptu shot while he was eyeing a squirrel. What a beautiful dog.
christmas 2012 (2)
2012-The last pic of The Boys together. We took this in July when Sobek’s illness became aggressive. No holiday décor but a group pic nonetheless. We took all of The Boy’s Christmas cards from the last twelve years and had a calendar made.
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