2 thoughts on “Ghost Crimes is now available on audible and debuted at #1!

  1. Enjoyed the read but I need to mention that I almost just shut the book down early. When Mac shot the sheriff with a Weatherby Vanguard rifle, scoped, and then in the next sentence Mac pumped the shotgun with one hand. Come on Gare, was it a rifle or a shotgun? The next sequence made even less since from a firearms stand point, a police officer seeing someone pointing a weapon at his partner is NOT going to shoot him in the leg. Later in the book Burke recalls “looking down the barrel of a shotgun” during this confrontation with Mac. Not trying to nitpick but if you’re going to use firearms in your work you need to get the basics correct. If you don’t you will be labeled a left wing anti’gun person who doesn’t know anything about them. Which is typically the case.


    1. Hey Dennis thanks for reading my book! I assure you I am not a left-wing anti-gun person LOL having said that it’s clear that I’m not versed in guns since you found some issues with my story. I didn’t realize there was such a big difference between the two I appreciate you letting me know so I can go back and make corrections. As a self published author I don’t have the luxury of a professional editor. I took stories told me by law enforcement personnel and in this case the partner actually did shoot the guy in the leg. I’m not sure if he was a bad shot or had an issue with killing people but that was how the story was relayed to me. Question-Did you read the book or listen to the audiobook? If you listened to the audiobook, how did it sound? It was just recently released and I was really happy with the narrator. Thanks again for taking the time to give me feedback. Gare


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