Lucifer Is An Angel

Lucifer Is an Angel


By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen
Perhaps you subscribe to a more specific assertion of a fallen angel, but, at least according to The Bible’s Ephesians 3:9, Lucifer is an angel, nonetheless.
The tale speaks of a favored angel that resided in the throne room of God. Lucifer’s appearance was beautiful and dazzling, covered in gold and shimmering jewels. God established him as the angel of worship whose ministry was the very essence of heaven. Below, on Earth, Lucifer was the “Light Bringer” and charged with imparting knowledge to man.
After adopting the destructive traits of jealousy and pride, he refused to repent and was cast from heaven. Once ousted and stripped of his divine position, he was referred to as Satan, a Hebrew name for adversary, and his traitorous angel followers became his demonic army.
In Philip Zimbardo’s book, The Lucifer Effect, he suggests that man is capable of performing awful acts of violence and cruelty due to situational influences and extreme power granted by authority. It is easy to see how the premise was named given Lucifer’s position next to God and the seduction of an ultimate reign.
One could suppose that humans are neither good nor evil because they have the ability to act as both at the hand of any given situation. Essentially, human actions are often dictated by the immediate environment and present stimuli.
Enter the devil.
Disguised as temptation of the immoral, dishonest and selfish choices that present before us, Lucifer dangles his shimmering carrot of sin. As a result, an internal struggle of doing what we feel is morally right versus what we deem in conflict with our spiritual and personal values, ensues. Most of us would like to brag that the right choice for us is always easy, but that is often not the case.
Would the suggestion that the alluring temptation of the Dark Prince’s sinful urges can provide great assistance in times of indecision stray too far off of the righteous reservation?
Our constant and direct connection to media ensures we see the dark face of evil in acts of hatred, violence and murder. On the misdemeanor side of morality, we are faced with day to day opportunities to ease the persistent dichotomy of survival and act in accordance with our personal and societal code of ethics. Life can be hard and the lines of acceptable behavior, at times, get blurred for everyone. “Satan’s influence” gets through at moments of weakness and while his presence is off-putting at best, it can offer us reminders of an alternative course of action.
Indeed, he has an agenda. Lucifer’s actions warranted his expulsion from the heavenly kingdom. Curiously, he was still allowed influence over the humans.
Once the bringer of light, he is now the bringer of darkness, yet still a bringer of knowledge. For example, the impulse to lie, steal and cheat prompts the mind to ponder the unfortunate consequences of those actions and allow the proper reflection for a favorable decision. Furthermore, the consideration of the outcome of such unfavorable acts can deter future impulsive and regrettable choices. Not to place too fine a point on it but the choice is inevitably ours, regardless of external suggestion.
Arguably, some people’s will is less resistant to the temptations of Lucifer’s army of demons, despite their religious beliefs. Perhaps a look to our environment for the people, places and things that have an impact and influence on our lives is in order. If our surroundings can dictate our judgment then perhaps a change of scenery could change our thought processes and enable us to choose a better direction down our desired moral path and strengthen our resolve. Otherwise, we create a hospitable environment and summon the very demons we fear.
Following that line of thought, we might see temptation as a sign of some needed changes in our lives with regard to the company we keep, our living arrangements and vocational circumstances.
From the perspective of the demon, they may choose to tempt those residing in troubled, moral waters; viewed as an easy catch. With intentions already rooted and sprouting, it allows the devil army an opportunity to tip the scales in their favor.
For many, it would take no less than a paradigm shift in their perspective of good and evil to speak, with true sincerity, the words, “Thank you, Lucifer, for showing me the potentially unhealthy environment in which I reside.”
However, as much of a sour aftertaste as it might leave in your mouth, it appears the angel continues to do his work.
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