The Top 5 Things You Should Do While Visiting Tampa

By bestselling author Gare Allen Tampa, Florida was first visited by Spanish explorers in 1521 and discovered to be a Native American fishing village by the name of Tanpa. Thanks to inaccurate, ancient cartographers, the name was changed to Tampa and not long after a booming city was born. Today, Tampa’s population is well overContinue reading “The Top 5 Things You Should Do While Visiting Tampa”

7 Sessions- A Story of Reincarnation

Session I “Him? Are you serious?” Julia chose to ignore Selene’s rhetorical disapproval of the man entering through the bar’s excessively large pine doors, but Julia’s silent disregard did not deter her unsolicited remarks. “You’re staring Jules. What do see in that guy? He has no discernible personality and he’s not all that much toContinue reading “7 Sessions- A Story of Reincarnation”

Lucifer Is An Angel

Lucifer Is an Angel By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen Perhaps you subscribe to a more specific assertion of a fallen angel, but, at least according to The Bible’s Ephesians 3:9, Lucifer is an angel, nonetheless. The tale speaks of a favored angel that resided in the throne room of God. Lucifer’s appearance was beautifulContinue reading “Lucifer Is An Angel”