Making Canine Friends

Making Canine Friends By best-selling author Gare Allen In all the years I spent in the pet industry, I have only been attacked by one dog. Early in my career I had been walking past a Dog Trainer, Donna and her German Shepherd, Rika when I remembered that I wanted to ask Donna a question.Continue reading “Making Canine Friends”

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us   By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen   What do you think of when you repeatedly notice three fives appear almost everywhere you go? Perhaps they are winning lottery numbers to be played? Maybe it’s the time of day that promises a significant event? For many, 555 is a very important warning and perhaps the most life altering message that angelsContinue reading “Angels Among Us”

The Language of Dreams

The Language of Dreams by best-selling author Gare Allen For decades, Universities have conducted independent sleep studies to research and document individual’s dreams and perhaps more importantly, determine what they mean. Unfortunately, the data collected is saturated with variables: the proverbial pebbles in the shoes of scientific studies.  For instance, in 2014, a six monthContinue reading “The Language of Dreams”