How can I contact you?

You can find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Author-Page-for-Gare-Allen-441560805949046/?ref=hl and via email at gareallen@gmail.com.

I have a great idea for a story but I’m not sure how to start. What is your writing process?

Writing a book can be accomplished many different ways. My process is probably more structured than other writers, which tells you that I lack focus. An author friend of mine begins writing her books without written structure and retains the timeline, setting, character development and outcome in her mind throughout the story. Alternatively, I require the use of a detailed outline not only to begin writing, but to reference throughout the unfolding story. I’ve discovered that of the authors that have shared their process with me, not one was alike. The best advice I can give is to begin writing. Write, write, write, and your personal process will develop on its own.